Fort Snozzberry


Made in 2017 – 72" x 72"

Appears in the Gallery of Curated Quilts, Issue 04.

“Fort Snozzberry was inspired by the exploration of radial symmetry, the vibrations of color, and the power of negative space.

My design process for this quilt started with setting up a grid of half-square triangles, sliced through the center to make 8 mirrored wedges. I began forming different shapes and layers by spinning the triangles around and playing with color placement.

Stepping back, I was most intrigued with how the background flowed through the design like a moat. I imagined a bird’s eye view of a fortress and started gently brushing away more bits of color, carving out pathways and balancing the vibrant color palette.

One of the things I love about this quilt is how the energetic busyness comes together to create a mesmerizing, chaotic calmness.”