Totality Quilt Pattern

The Totality Quilt Pattern is now available in my pattern shop!

Mini version of Totality Quilt in Blue Gradient – Solar VariationLike the Suncake Quilt, the Totality pattern has instructions for 5 different sizes: Mini – 15″ x 15″, Baby – 37″ x 37″, Throw – 60″ x 60″, Super Throw – 75″ x 75″, and Queen – 97″ x 97″.

Something new in this pattern is a little bit of help with nesting seams. I get a lot of questions about what I do with my seams when I’m piecing, so I put together a diagram showing how to press them in alternating directions and have everything match up. It is not a full tutorial on how to nest seams, just a little help on how to nail it with this pattern.

I loved working on this quilt so much that I have already made 3 different variations. The first one I made was the Mini size, using a gradient of blue fabrics to create a raditating effect.

To help you create your own design, the pattern contains instructions on how to organize your favorite gradient of fabrics in 4 different variations: Solar, Lunar, Ascending, and Retrograde.

Gradient Variations for the Totality Quilt

My partner recently requested a “bigger quilt” to use on our couch, so the second Totality Quilt I made was a Super Throw size using Essex Linen.  I had never used linen in a quilt before and thought the textural effect of the yarn-dyed fabrics would give the finished quilt a moody vibe. What do you think?

Grayscale Totality Quilt in Essex Linen

The quilting is done with 2 different colors of gray thread, creating a pinstripe.

Back of the Grayscale Totality Quilt

To get the real linen effect, every usable scrap from the front (plus a few scraps from a different project) went into the improv-style backing. Originally I planned on using this version for the pattern cover. However, after I finished quilting it, my intuition was begging for something with a little more color. Since I knew this quilt was bound for our couch and not the pattern cover, I decided I could finish it off with Essex Gold Metallic linen for the binding. Grayscale is fine and all, but gold makes me happy.

The 3rd Totality Quilt, I finished just in time to get it photographed and placed on the pattern cover! The blue and peachy-orange colors remind me of all the amazing photographs from 2017’s solar eclipse. What a brilliant moment that was! In Seattle, we weren’t directly in the path of totality, but at 92% we did experience the sky dimming and a 5º drop in temperature.

I’ll never know if I picked the right one for the cover, but I do know that I’m happy with how it turned out. And that is a win in my book.

Totality Quilt in Blue and Orange

I hope you feel inspired! I can’t wait to see what magic you make with your own Totality Quilt.

Making Fort Snozzberry

Behind the scenes photos of the quilt making process for For Snozzberry.

Organizing stacks of half-square triangles for Fort Snozzberry
Chain-pieced half-square triangles for Fort Snozzberry
Assembled half-square triangles for Fort Snozzberry
Detail of half-square triangle organization for Fort Snozzberry
Piecing blocks for Fort Snozzberry
Quilting progress on Fort Snozzberry
Detail of quilting on Fort Snozzberry

Not My First Blog Post

Welcome to my new blog!

Before there was social media, the people of whatever my generation is called used blogs to tell the world our most random, intimate thoughts or post amusing photos. With this blog, I’m going to tell you all of my quilt related thoughts and share my super fresh quilt pics.

My actual first blog post from September 26th, 2001:
Screenshot 2018-06-10 18.07.17

While I was on the adventure of tracking that down for you, I collected a few more snapshots from my blogzumé:

Screenshot 2018-06-10 21.14.55
I’d like to note that I was a fairly mean 18 year old when I wrote that.

Screenshot 2018-06-10 21.14.02

Me with Flat Stefanie 1.5 months later:


Screenshot 2018-06-10 20.39.14
Image Source: Schoolgirl smashes the world record as she lets 25 snails slide across her face

Screenshot 2018-06-10 20.34.03

Screenshot 2018-06-08 14.03.33

If you’re still reading this – thank you, I love you.

I promise the next post is going to be about quilts.